Common Fall Sports Injuries

Posted on: August 21st, 2015 by Horizon Rehab Blogger
The fall season is a busy time for athletes, which means injuries can occur at any time.

The fall season is a busy time for athletes, which means injuries can occur at any time.


As much as we may not want to admit it, summer is nearly over and fall is just around the corner. For many people, especially local student athletes, that means fall sports season is right around the corner. While the fall is an exciting time for all of us, it can bring an increased risk of injury for a lot of athletes.

Horizon Rehab is here to help athletes recover from injuries, but we also believe in providing you with the necessary information to help you prepare and recognize symptoms for common fall sports injuries.


While there has been increased awareness of concussions among football players in recent years, other sports present the potential for concussions. Concussions range in severity, and symptoms may not appear to be serious at first. Common symptoms associated with concussions include dizziness, balance issues, amnesia, headaches and loss of consciousness in some cases. Athletes who sustain concussions need to allow themselves time to fully heal, which can take as long as a month.

Shin Splints

Especially common among cross country runners, shin splints can affect athletes in any sport. Shin splints involve a pain in the front of your legs during running, and may be more common in preseasons of sports as athletes adjust to exercising at a higher intensity. Shin splints can be treated with ice, rest, proper stretching and wearing the right footwear.

ACL Tears

Tearing the anterior cruciate ligament, commonly referred to as the ACL, in the knee can sideline athletes for up to a year. ACL tears occur when your knee is forced into an unstable position, and can be a contact or non-contact injury. ACL tear prevention programs, like the one offered by Horizon Rehab, help evaluate athletes for their risk of tearing their ACLs, and develop a training program to help reduce the risk of injury.

Horizon Rehab offers a variety of sports rehabilitation services, including frozen shoulder rehabilitation and post-concussion testing. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you prevent an injury or recover so you can return to the field.


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