Common Winter Sports Injuries

Posted on: November 13th, 2015 by Horizon Rehab Blogger
With winter sports come different kinds of injuries common to those sports. Learn more about winter sports injuries.

With winter sports come different kinds of injuries common to those sports. Learn more about winter sports injuries.


As the weather turns colder and winter sets in, it means most of the sports are moving back inside and people are trading out cheering in stadiums for cheering in gyms. For athletes, winter sports presents a new opportunity for competition in a whole new sport. But, with winter sports come the potential for injuries. Horizon Rehab believes it’s important for athletes to have as much knowledge as possible when it comes to injuries, so here are some common injuries associated with various winter sports.

Common Basketball Injuries

Basketball is a game that requires a lot of aerobic endurance as well as the ability to make explosive movements against other competitors. Because there are so many different types of movements in basketball, it is a sport where injuries can occur from head to toe. Among the most common injuries for basketball players are ankle sprains and knee injuries, but athletes can also injure their wrist due to shooting, or jam their fingers on the ball.

Common Wrestling Injuries

Wrestling is a unique sport that pits two athletes against each other in one-on-one competition, but just because there are fewer athletes competing at the same time doesn’t mean there is a reduced risk for injury. Aside from the risk for scrapes and bruises that come with one-on-one wrestling, wrestlers are also at risk for knee and shoulder injuries that come with the twists and turns of the sport, as well as concussions.

Common Outdoor Winter Sports Injuries

Whether you’re taking to the slopes for skiing and snowboarding or you’re just going sledding on a local hill with your friends, there are still injuries that can occur. Skiing and snowboarding put a lot of work on your legs, so knee injuries are not uncommon. Skiers and snowboarders can also sustain injuries to their back and tailbone form falls. Falls can also lead to sprains and broken bones in the wrist, hand and fingers as snowboarders, skiers and people on sleds brace themselves during a fall.

While there is always a risk for injuries during winter sports season, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate. If you do sustain an injury, Horizon Rehab is here for you with orthopedic and sports rehabilitation services. Contact us to learn more about our programs.

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