How to Keep Your Balance during Icy Weather

Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by Horizon Rehab Blogger

Winter may be winding down, but the potential for ice to form on the ground is still there. While you can’t stop every slip and fall when it comes to wintery surfaces, you can prepare yourself to have better balance in case something does happen. Horizon Rehab would like to share these tips with you:

  • Practice transitional moves.


Think of the kinds of positions you find in developing children, such as laying on the floor on your stomach, back or side. Practice getting up from these positions in your daily balance routine. Gradually introduce other positions, such as sitting, kneeling or crawling. This should give you a better sense of balance so that your body is prepared to switch quickly from an odd position to an upright one.


  • Decrease how much of your foot touches the floor.


You’ll be more stable if you have more points of contact on your foot touching the floor. Practice having fewer points of contact with the floor as you walk, as this will challenge your body’s sense of balance and help you build it up.


  • Turn your head as you walk.


Your body naturally wants to go in the direction that your head is facing. Try walking in a straight line while having your head turned to the side or looking up. This will again challenge your sense of balance and help you decrease your likelihood of a fall.


  • Go sightless.


Sight is a huge factor when it comes to balance. In fact, the National Council on Aging lists diminishing sight as one of the reasons why so many seniors suffer falls. If you’re trying to increase your balance and you have good eyesight, try walking in the dark or blindfolding yourself. This helps you to rely on your sense of touch to keep your balance, which is useful if you do find yourself slipping on ice.


If you still find yourself struggling with balance, Horison Rehab can help. We offer a balance rehab program that can help you prevent your chance of a fall.

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