Injury Prevention Tips for Runners

Posted on: June 17th, 2015 by Horizon Rehab Blogger
Make sure you stay healthy while you run with these injury prevention tips.

Make sure you stay healthy while you run with these injury prevention tips.


Summer means more time outside, which naturally leads to more exercise outside. For many of us, summer presents more opportunities to run outside. And while it’s always good to get more exercise, it’s important to remember not to push yourself too hard too fast.

For many runners, especially seasonal runners who run more during the warmer months when they can get outdoors, injuries can be a real possibility. Horizon Rehabilitation Centers is here to offer tips to help you prevent those injuries so you can keep running while the weather is good.

Injury Prevention Tip: Don’t Forget to Stretch

You may think that because you’re running, you may not have to stretch. We aren’t talking about holding a hamstring stretch before you start running, as that won’t do you much good because your muscles aren’t warmed up. Instead, take a stretch break about 15 minutes into your run, or go through a long cool down stretch after you finish your run.

Injury Prevention Tip: Know Your Limits

You can feel great after a long run, but if it’s your first time running in a while, it’s best to start slow. If you could run 10 miles a day last summer, but you haven’t gone for a run in a while, don’t start with trying to run 10 miles this summer. Instead, start with a lower mileage goal and build on your successes every week.

Injury Prevention Tip: Find Level Ground

This can be a tough one if there isn’t an abundance of running trails in your community, but finding a trail with a level surface can save you from hip injuries and varied strength in your legs. If you run on normal surface streets, there is a natural tilt to the pavement that means one of your legs is working harder. Consider running at a local track or find trails in your area.

Horizon Rehab wants you to remain healthy during the summer. If you have sustained an injury while running, you are welcome to stop in and see us and learn more about our sports and orthopedic therapy services.

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