Physical Therapy FAQs

Posted on: October 16th, 2015 by Horizon Rehab Blogger
There are a lot of questions that come with physical therapy. Here some answers for you.

There are a lot of questions that come with physical therapy. Here some answers for you.


If you’re dealing with a health issue that requires physical therapy, you likely have a lot of questions about that health issue. Then, throw in the fact that you may be going through physical therapy for the first time, your brain may feel like it’s overloaded with questions. But don’t worry, Horizon Rehab knows there are a lot of questions for patients who are new to physical therapy, and we’re here to give you the answers you need. Let’s examine some of the more common questions associated with physical therapy.

How Do I Start Physical Therapy?

If you are experiencing pain, headaches, gait issues or something else that is causing a disruption to your daily life, you can go directly to a physical therapist to seek treatment. You do not need a referral from a physician to seek physical therapy. However, if the condition hasn’t improved within 30 days of you beginning physical therapy, we will often refer you to a physician for further testing.

What Should I Wear During Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is all about improving flexibility and restoring normal range of motion, so it’s best to wear loose-fitting clothing, especially around the area receiving treatment. For example, if you are receiving treatment for a knee injury, it’s best to wear shorts.

How is My Program Developed?

No matter which physical therapy services you’re using at Horizon Rehab, our goal is to provide the best treatment for you. During your first visit, we’ll perform an evaluation and discuss your goals for physical therapy. Our trained staff will then develop a treatment plan that is designed to meet your specific needs, incorporating your goals and ensuring that our approach is unique to treat each patient based on their needs.

If you’re in need of physical therapy, Horizon Rehab is ready to provide you with the treatment you need. Contact us to learn more about our physical therapy services.

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