How runners can prevent injury

Posted on: January 29th, 2016 by Horizon Rehab Blogger

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Here at Horizon Rehab, we encourage people to pursue healthy living, and runners are some of the most dedicated group of people we’ve seen! They will often run no matter what the weather or day is, just to not break their routine. While we congratulate runners on their dedication, we also want to caution against some of the injuries that can often befall runners. Below are some tips on how to avoid getting hurt during your morning routine:

When you stretch

Maybe of us were first introduced to physical fitness in elementary gym class, where we were encouraged to stretch before starting whatever the day’s activities were. But, when it comes to running as an adult, stretching before a run actually makes you less effective, and will make your hamstrings tense up more. The best time to stretch is right after a run. Instead of stretching, do a series of warm-up exercises such as lunges.

Don’t overdo it

It’s really tempting when you’re a runner to push just a little bit further—running faster and further than you did the day before. While this is great to build up your endurance, do it gradually over time. Adding a lot of mileage or time to your run suddenly is a quick way to give yourself an injury.  Remember, there is nothing wrong with starting off slow or building yourself up gradually.

Find the right running surface

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as greeting the day with a nice run around your neighborhood and its familiar surroundings. But, you could be setting yourself up for injury! Many city streets are built at a slope, leading to uneven running surfaces. An uneven running surface can lead to one leg working harder than the others, leading to injury. A better alternative would be running trails, if your town has them.

At Horizon Rehab, we help athletes of all levels get back on their feet after an injury. Contact us today if you’ve suffered an injury during your morning routine and need to get back on track!

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